Single Customs Register (RÚA)

Estamos certificados para manejo de carga. Transportamos tu mercancía personal y comercial desde y hacia cualquier parte del mundo.

This tool is an initiative of the Directorate General of Customs, with the purpose of safeguarding the rights of users of courier services and expedite the clearance of their purchases over the Internet.

On Tuesday, January 29th, the Directorate General of Customs initiated the Single Customs Registration (RÚA) process for all users of the Courier service. This tool is enabled from Monday 28 January on the website of the DGA, and aims to defend the rights of customers and streamline the process of clearance of their purchases over the Internet. What this tool seeks is the differentiation of those who use this channel for commercial purposes from those users who make their purchases in a personal way, only tax-free benefits of up to Two Hundred American Dollars (US$ 200.00) contemplated in Decree 402-05, which approves the Regulations for the Express Dispatch of Shipments.

This instrument was established under Norm 01-2018, which came into effect in February 2018, regulating the fractionation of goods for commercial purposes through Courier companies. The norm establishes a term of six months (6) for current users to register, if they do not do so in the due term, next July 28, 2019, the packages will be retained until the user completes this process.

The DGA also pointed out that the RÚA is not necessary for those who use the services of international express transport company, which receive consignments on consignment without the need to use the membership of Courier companies.