BM Cargo Golf Tournament
The BM Cargo Golf Tournament is a sporting event aimed at raising funds for a non-profit foundation.
With 3 rounds of play, each tournament has featured over 350 players in recent editions, becoming a tradition among golf enthusiasts. Over 3 days, the tournament treats its players and guests to grand parties, artistic performances, and raffles.
"Having our own tournament is a source of pride for our company."
"The most rewarding aspect is the assistance we have been able to provide to charitable institutions that greatly need our support!"
Ramses Atallah
President, CEO
We celebrate big for the 10th anniversary of the Golf Tournament.
In this edition, we raised RD$4,350,860 for the Yo También Puedo and Nido para Ángeles Foundations as part of our Social Responsibility program.
Discover our contributions over the years.
During the 10 years of the BMCargo Tournament, it has raised more than RD$13,152,058,
which has been allocated to 10 foundations.

2023: Yo También Puedo

Non-profit organization, founded in 2010, dedicated to education and stimulation through the arts and independent living for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

2023: Nido para ángeles

Non-profit institution that arises from a group of parents of children and youth with Cerebral Palsy with the aim of providing therapeutic and comprehensive services to this population living with this condition.

2022: Huellas Misionera

Volunteer group that seeks to support the Dr. Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital in its mission to promote comprehensive relief for children and adolescents suffering from any condition.

2021: Jompéame

First online fundraising platform for emergency and poverty-related social causes.

2019: Operación sonrisa

Non-profit foundation dedicated to performing reconstructive surgeries for cleft lip and palate in children from low-income backgrounds.

2018: Fundación Red de Misericordia

Foundation working in favor of children in situations of vulnerability and victims of abuse.

2017: Aldeas Infantiles SOS RD

International organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of children in the various countries where it operates.

2016: Fundación Manos Unidas por el Autismo

Non-profit organization working for the well-being of individuals with autism and their families.

2015: Hogar de Ancianos San Francisco de Asís

Home dedicated to the care of orphaned elderly individuals.

2015: Fundación Escuelita Rayo de Sol

Non-profit institution dedicated to supporting children and youth with intellectual disabilities.

2014: Fundación Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil

Non-profit organization committed to improving the living conditions of children with cancer.

2013: Hogares Crea

Institution dedicated to the prevention and treatment of individuals addicted to narcotics and alcoholic beverages.