Delivery POlicies

Delivery policy

For the delivery of his merchandise the client must present his personal identification document and/or be authorized via written by the holder of the account.

For deliveries via domicile it will be carried out in the direction indicated by the client at the moment of the opening of his account, to the holder of the account or any authorized person and major of age that is in the domicile at the moment of the delivery, for which the signature of the driver will be enough. It includes for residential deliveries, buildings and offices with concierge service and/or reception and signature of the concierge or receptionist.  By signing the delivery document, you agree to the reception of your merchandise.

The delivery time is 24 to 48 working hours after the request and online payment of the service for branches with this option available.

The delivery time will begin to count from the confirmation of payment, it will be sent through a message to your email.

When you receive your order, it must be carefully reviewed and report any damage or missing directly to the delivery staff.  No claims will be accepted after your merchandise is delivered via counter, drive thru or delivery.  

We are not responsible for the performance of electronic items and/or used items.

Home deliveries can not be made at an exact time and if there is no one at home, the product will be returned to our warehouse and we will contact you to coordinate a second and last attempt at home delivery, if this is not completed the customer must pick up the package at the office.

Clear return, refund and cancellation policies

It will be admitted the claim of goods by bad state as long as the verification of the article is made in front of our personnel of delivery to domicile, counter or drive thru, the packing is the suitable one for import/export and the transported merchandise does not correspond to fragile articles like crystals, mirrors, adornments, screens, television sets, etc. or that require additional repacking for its shipment.

The claim must be made through our customer service department returning the item to be claimed and the corresponding purchase documentation.

The refund will always be made in the same means of payment that you used to pay for the transport service. For the refund of the article will be used the convenient means equivalent to the value declared by the goods for shipment.

No refunds will be processed for goods received without being verified at the time of delivery by the customer in our counter or via home.  

Television transport policies

Televisions larger than 55 inches authorized for air transport must be repackaged. Disclaimer letters are not acceptable as the airline does not allow non-repackaged televisions to be shipped.

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