BMCargo Mobile
Easy. Fast. Personalized.

What does the App allow you to do?

You can submit the request anytime, anywhere
Submit pre-alerts.

Why do I have to submit my pre-alert?

  • You prevent your packages from getting lost.
  • You make the process of receiving your package faster.
  • In case you forgot to include your BM code in your order, we can locate your package and place it in your locker.
Package Notifications

If you are within 500 meters or less of your Branch, you will have the option available in the App. While you are on the way, we take care of retrieving your packages and having them ready for you when you arrive!

  • **Service avaiable only for Counter pickups
Online Payment

Pay online through our BMCargo App and take a step ahead for when picking up your packages.

You can also set up your account with your card and make your payment automatically. This way, you save time and make your pickup process faster and smoother.

Request Delivery

Having trouble finding your package

  • With our delivery service, we save you the trip! Request your delivery through our BMCargo App and receive your package at your doorstep without complications.
Track Your Packages

Don't know where your package is?

  • Track it on the BMCargo app, check the status of your merchandise.

Branch Hours and Addresses
  • Find out where all our branches are located and their hours of operation.
Information about Our Services
  • Discover all the services and benefits we have for you.
Calculate Rates

Do you want to bring something and don't know how much it will cost you?

  • Use the app's calculator to get a cost estimate.
Download the app.
BMCargo Mobile provides a quick and easy way to track your packages sent through our courier service.