Frequently ASked Questions

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What is insurance and how does it apply to billing?

- This service is optional and consists of the charge of 1.75% of the value declared by the customer, if the customer does not want insurance must notify in writing and prior to shipment.

I came to pick up a package, but I'm not the account holder, what should I do?

- The account holder must send an authorization via e-mail to the customer service department with the data of the person who withdrew the package. This person will be permanently authorized in the customer's account to make withdrawals.

I received an email notification, what does this mean?

If you received the following messages the explanation to each is:

- Requires shipping instruction: means your merchandise is held in Miami awaiting your shipping instructions.
- Requires shipping instruction because it is HAZ merchandise: you must authorize the shipment and pre-pay the charge for documentation of HAZ or dangerous merchandise before the shipment is shipped.
- Retention requires commercial invoice: You must provide the invoice for the cargo before it is shipped from Miami (at that same time take advantage and ask for the description of the items for the customs process).

I am making an online purchase and I want to know how to place my address and my details on the supplier's website.

- In the shipping address option you must place your name as it is in the BMCargo account and the number of your account next to the name, our current address in Miami, always specifying the 100 suite.

I have a merchandise that was not shipped by you and I need you to perform customs, do you provide this service and what is the procedure?

- We provide the customs management service for all goods imported by the customer. If the person is not our client, we inform you that you must complete the affiliation process and then we request the shipment data and documentation.

I have a personal account and I want to change it to corporate, what is the process and if you have any additional benefits or special rates for being a company?

- To proceed with the change, you must fill out the corporate account form, which must be signed and stamped, have attached a copy of the identification card, the RNC card and a copy of the commercial register. It is also necessary to complete the authorization form to link to SIGA. Corporate accounts have additional benefits such as the assignment of an executive to closely monitor their imports and is assigned a special rate according to the movement of the account.

I want to buy merchandise online and I have no way to pay the supplier, can I do it with BMCargo?

- We carry out the service of purchase by Internet in our virtual store, only it must pass by our office with the information of the article that wishes to buy.

This service has an additional charge that is established in the virtual store, which must be paid in cash before the purchase of the item.

I have a cargo in another origin that is not Miami or Panama, how can I coordinate this shipment?

- If this traffic is coordinated from our office in Santo Domingo, what we need from you are the data of the cargo, name of the supplier, country where it is located, detail of the cargo and port or airport that corresponds to you.

I'm shopping in Panama, is the process the same as from Miami?

- The Panama process should be coordinated in our Santo Domingo office. The information required is cargo and supplier data, such as size, weight, description and supplier contact data.

The maritime cargo rates are established by cubic meters and aerial per kg. The coordination with your supplier is done by our operations department in Panama.

I want to send a package from Santo Domingo to USA or anywhere in the world, can I do it in BMCargo?

- This is a service provided by BMCargo with which you can send documents and packages to any part of the world regardless of weight.

The merchandise must be properly packed for export and will be coordinated by our counter department. The cost of the same one will vary according to the size, weight and type of merchandise as well as the destiny of the package.

I would like to be picked up in the United States, how is the process?

For this service the pick up must be requested in our offices in Santo Domingo or branches with the following information:

- Pick up address

- Contact Name

- Contact telephone

- Order number

- Description of the goods

- Weight and dimensions

- Residential or commercial area

As soon as your application is received we will proceed with the cost estimate for your approval.

If I want to pick up a merchandise that is in Miami, how is the process (in & Out)?

- In order to carry out the required procedure, you must provide the details of the company or person who will pick up the goods and pay the In & Out charge, which will depend on the size of the load.

This charge can be paid at the office of origin or destination of this service.

How can I request an import quote including customs charges?

In our online quotes module you can get an instant estimate of the freight of your goods, you must enter the following data: Weight, Dimensions, Value, Service

Customs fees and taxes are not included.

Can I make the air shipment of a Haz merchandise referring to dangerous or flammable?

- To ship this type of merchandise by air, it must be inspected by our specialist who will confirm if the characteristics of the cargo can be accepted by the airline or not.

In case of being accepted we proceed with the elaboration of the budget to the client of the additional charges to proceed with the shipment. For the authorization of the same one these charges of merchandise HAZ must be paid before realizing the dispatch of the merchandise from our offices of Miami.

How is the shipping process when I receive notification that my merchandise is Haz referring to dangerous or flammable?

- To ship this type of merchandise must authorize in writing the shipment and make the payment of an additional charge with which we obtain the shipping permission from the shipping of this type of merchandise, the amount to pay is US$15.00 or US$90.00 depending on the characteristics of the product. This charge must be paid before shipping the merchandise from our offices in Miami.

What is the delivery time for air and sea freight?

- For the Express Parcel service the delivery time is 24 working hours.

- The Air Freight service delivery time is 72 working hours.

- The Ocean Freight service delivery time is 10 working days from the date of departure.

These delivery times may vary for goods that require customs processing.

*Restrictions apply

I want to know if the goods shipped on Friday are received on Saturday.

- For Saturday delivery we have a special service that must be requested on Friday before 9:00 a.m. and is done with passenger on board. The cost is confirmed at the time of your request.

I want to know the status of my merchandise.

- You can check online the status of your packages by accessing your account at option customer access and typing your username which is your membership number and your password that was assigned at the time of your subscription.

I have checked the status of my package sent by the USPS and it appears as delivered but is not yet on my account.

- This is because the packages whose shipments are made through the U.S. mail USPS, at the time of viewing DELIVERED refers to delivery in our postal zone 33198 not BMCargo Miami. These packages are delivered to our warehouse within 1 to 5 business days of being marked as delivered.

How do I type the address to receive my packages at BMCargo?

The correct way is to type in the shipping address your name and partner number next to it including all the address data, see example below the information you must provide in each field.

Name: Marcos Coelho BM X-XXXXXX
Address 1: 8400 N.W. 25th Street
Address 2: Suite 100
City: Doral
State: FL
Zip / Postal: 33198-1534
Country: USA
Day Phone: 305-593-5383
Evening Phone: 305-593-5383

How can I open a personal account at BMCargo?

You can complete our affiliation form at: and you will receive your affiliation number and address to send your packages.

At the moment of picking up your package you will have to complete the process by presenting your identity card and electoral card to our Customer Service Department.