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We are certified for cargo handling. We transport your personal and commercial merchandise from and to any part of the world.

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When you place your order place your name and BM code along with our address. You can also make purchases in the U.S. and pay in Dominican pesos, we make available our international credit card to make purchases in major U.S. stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Victoria's Secret and Old Navy.

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When you place your orders online, you can send us your invoices by doing the Pre-Alert, before your package arrives in our hands and thus manage its transit much faster.

Available at the APP and at www.bmcargo.com


If your package was received without invoice in our Miami warehouse, use this tool to attach it directly to our system and it will be shipped within 24 to 48 working hours.

*Some restrictions apply.


Per pound air freight (Freight rate)

We bring whatever you want and bill only the right weight.

We do not charge a minimum of pounds for Priority or Express Service air imports or rounding up or down. Rates valid for packages over 70 Lbs.
*Additional charges apply.

Domestic parcel delivery services, from and to any of our branches nationwide.

You can track and trace your shipment from our mobile and web application.

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No matter where you are or what you want to bring or send, you can always count on us.

We have international agents in all destinations and warehouses in the Dominican Republic, United States, Panama, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

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Maritime Service

Transport of full containers, loose cargo, HAZ cargo, bonded cargo, documentation, booking and customs clearance from and to anywhere in the world.

Air Service

Collection and air transport from and to any part of the world without weight limitations.
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Shipments of Letters and Packages

Normal mail and express mail services from Dominican Republic to any part of the world, with delivery from 24 hours to 10 working days according to customer needs.

*Some restrictions apply depending on the characteristics of the product.

Express Air Freight

Delivery in Santo Domingo in 3 working days in all merchandise deposited in our offices in Miami.

We carry out the corresponding customs formalities. The minimum weight required for this service is 30 pounds, in case of requiring payment of taxes the delivery time may vary.

*Restrictions apply.

Priority or Express Service

Delivery in Santo Domingo in 24 working hours of all packages that are deposited in our warehouse in Miami, before cutting time (12:00 noon) Monday through Friday.

Packages must be accompanied by their corresponding commercial invoice.

*Restrictions apply.

Import and export

Air Cargo

- IATA Licence
- Import- Export
- Courier service
- Consolidated air cargo
- 3 daily departures
- Hand carrier service
- Customs formalities.

Express rate

from 0.1 to 29Lbs

USD 2.65 x Lbs.

from 30Lbs onwards

USD 2.15 x Lbs.

Air Freight
from 30 to 49Lbs

USD 1.5 x Lbs.

from 50 to 69Lbs

USD 1.25 x Lbs.

from 70Lbs onwards

USD 0.99 x Lbs.

Additional Charges

A customs charge applies for packages whose value is greater than US$200.00.
* A customs management cost applies to personal clients US $ 13.00.

  • Fuel surcharge USD$ 0.55Lb Air freight and express parcels
  • Transport insurance of 1.25% for the basic service and 1.75% for the extended service of the value of your merchandise (optional)
  • SED USD$ 12.00 for shipments greater than USD$ 2,500.00 x supplied
  • Local Transfer USD$0.15 x Lb or fraction
  • Airport Fee USD$ 0.06 x Lbs
  • DGA Service USD$ 0.12 x Lb

Note: delivery time may vary if customs clearance is required for the goods.

A customs charge applies for packages whose value is greater than US$200.00.

Important: According to U.S. Customs regulations, all merchandise must be accompanied by its corresponding commercial invoice to be shipped. Otherwise it cannot be received by our international offices.

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Online Payments

You can make the payment of your packages by entering your account through our website or in the APP, option payments and request delivery to your home or office.

Delivery only available in some branches.

Mobile Application

With our mobile application you receive automatic notifications of all your packages, view their updated status at any time and have an integrated rate calculator.

We reward you for your birthday

For a full month from your birthday you receive a 5% discount on Priority or Express services.

Delivery Service

We deliver your packages directly to your door or your office. Check the branches that have this service.

Cash On Delivery

We pay for you to your suppliers in the event that payment for the merchandise must be made against delivery to our warehouse in Miami.

Online Shopping

Make your purchases with our credit card in the stores of your preference and receive an additional discount.

There are restrictions on shipments for your safety.

Know the regulations
It is not allowed to send cash, personal documents including identity card, driver's license, social security, credit/debit cards, checkbooks, live animals, live plants, seeds, firearms or their accessories, drugs, perishable food, hookas or their accessories, electronic cigarettes, their liquids or accessories, paintball guns, military clothing, replicas of trademarks, pornographic material, electric skateboards, among others.

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