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with more than 26 years of experience; we consolidate ourselves as the ideal logistics and freight transport company for your business.

Where are we located?

We have all the tools to handle your cargo from origin to final destination.

We have strategic alliances with international agents all over the world and our own branches in: United States, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Mexico.

United States
Dominican Republic
Costa Rica
Alliances in the rest of the countries
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Get to know our corporate services

International logistics operation.

Logistical advice.

Customs formalities.

Handling of special loads.

Storage of goods.

Package monitoring system.

Pick and delivery services.

Load securing.

Warehousing, Distribution and International Logistics Operation

Warehouse located in Doral, FL with 33,000 squared feet of storage space and 8 gates for loading and unloading.

Logistics Services

United States

- Intermodal in all the United States
- Warehousing
- Updated Inventory
- Handling of In-Bond Merchandise
- Re packing
- Labeling
- Pick Up and delivery
- C.O.D (Cash on delivery)
- International Purchasing Department
- Tracking of merchandise
- Insurance.

Hand Carrier

Same day hand to hand delivery service.

This service is available upon special request.

Dangerous Goods Shipment

Handling of dangerous cargo both Air and Sea.

Dominican Republic

- Air import and export service
- Export and import of consolidated cargo
- Export and import of FCL worldwide
- Merchandise service under special regime
- Warehousing and logistics service
- Customs management service
- Priority document shipping service.
- Deliveries through U.S. mail.
- Warehousing
- Re-packaging
- Updated inventory
- Online monitoring and tracking
- International Purchasing Department
- Internet purchases from our offices.

Import and export

Air Cargo

- IATA Licence
- Import- Export
- Courier service
- Consolidated air cargo
- 3 daily departures
- Hand carrier service
- Customs formalities.

Express rate
from 0.1 to 29Lbs

USD$2.65 x Lbs.

from 30Lbs onwards

USD$1.50x Lbs.

Air Freight
from 30 to 49Lbs

USD$1.5 x Lbs.

from 50 to 69Lbs

USD$1.25 x Lbs.

from 70Lbs onwards

USD$1.00 x Lbs.

Additional Charges

A customs charge applies for packages whose value is greater than US$200.00.

  • Fuel surcharge USD$ 0.94 Lb Air freight and express parcels
  • Transport insurance of 1.25% for the basic service and 1.75% for the extended service of the value of your merchandise (optional)
  • SED USD$ 15.00 for shipments greater than USD$ 2,500.00 x supplied
  • Local Transfer USD$0.15 x Lb or fraction
  • Airport Fee USD$ 0.06 x Lbs
  • DGA Service USD$ 0.12 x Lb

Note: delivery time may vary if customs clearance is required for the goods.

A customs charge applies for packages whose value is greater than US$200.00.

Important: According to U.S. Customs regulations, all merchandise must be accompanied by its corresponding commercial invoice to be shipped. Otherwise it cannot be received by our international offices.

24 Hrs

daily air service and weekly LCL and FCL
in transit 5 days to:

• Dominican Republic
(Wednesday and Friday)
• Panama
• Mexico
• Colombia
• Honduras
• Costa Rica

Import and export

Sea Freight

•  Freight Fowarder / NVOCC.

•  Consolidated cargo (LCL).

•  Full Containers (FCL).

•  In-bond cargo.

•  Filling of containers.

•  Customs management.

•  Merchandise insurance.

•  Land transport.

•  Handling of hazardous cargoes and special equipment

See table of containers
Sea freight
Min. USD$85.00
USD$1.65 per cubic foot or USD$0.07 per pounds
THC Destination
Min. USD$25.00 / Max USD$150.00
USD$0.25 per cubic foot
Hazard documentation
Applies to merchandise HAZ
For shipments greater than USD$2,500.00 x supplier
Transit time
4 or 10 days
4 days shipments Port to Port | 10 days shipments Door to Door
Wednesday and Friday
Wednesday (subject to confirmation)
Cut off load and Documentation
Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00pm
Tuesday (subject to confirmation)
Additional charges apply for door-to-door delivery: customs duties, local transportation, insurance, and customs duty.

We offer security and punctuality in the transport of your merchandise.

For more information please contact our email or phone 809 334 1919 ext 4031/4034
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